B and A = BANDA

"Days pass by, weeks turn into months, and it's been months. In the midst of the monotony, when life felt weary and dull, the idea of trying my hand at leathercraft, a promise I made to myself, crossed my mind. That's how it all began. The room transformed into my leather workshop became the source of vitality in my routine. I'll never forget the overwhelming sense of achievement, pride, and excitement when I first ventured to the leather market on weekends, choosing, cutting, and sewing the leather I envisioned. 

 After months, the emotional fulfillment hit me when acquaintances and customers praised how well they were using the leather products I crafted. It was then that I decided to leave behind the field I had studied for over six years and a five-year job, embarking on a new life and challenge."

 - BANDA Leather Studio, crafter Unlcle.B -

[Q]  B A N D A 

People who know the leather workshop, BANDA Leather Studio, or people who visit ask. What is a BANDA? BANDA means B & A, B and A. I think it's a novel or movie-like relationship until the Agrinacraft studio and the Uncle.B studio meet, and we start the workshop with the same dream. The small thread of each other's relationship led to the present BANDA Leather Workshop. We started our workshop in 2016, calling it B & A. But when the people who came to our studio called us BANDA Leather Workshop, we're now familiar with it's called BANDA.

[Q] Location

The leather workshop, BANDA Leather Studio, is located in "Yes Park," a collection of workshops and galleries of various craftsmen in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, famous for ceramics.