A brass rivet

A rivet (screw) made of brass material.

Used in the belt.
Used in BANDA Leather SmartKey leather case.

Type A - Head 10mm, Column height 5 mm
Type B - Head 8mm, Column height 5.5mm
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A Type(head 10mm)
B Type(head 8mm)
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Brass rivets

Head 10mm x Column height 5mm, Head 8mm x Column height 5.5mm brass rivets.

It is a brass material used in BANDA Leather Studio SmartKey case straps.


There were people who lost their smart key case straps, so I uploaded it to the sales page.


Type A, Head 10mm



Type  B, Head 8mm



Type A - Head 10mm brass rivets. Used for the straps in the picture below.




Type B - Head 8mm brass rivets. Used for the straps in the picture below.



Please make sure to purchase the appropriate straps for use. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.





BANDA Leather Studio uses natural leather for its production.

Use vegetable tanned leather that shows the beauty of leather.


Therefore, leather may have back wrinkles, spots, wounds, scratches, etc.

It is characterized by natural patterns and vegetable leather.


For this reason, product exchange or refund is not possible.

The imprinted product is also not exchangeable or refundable.



#Processing time and Shipping

BANDA Leather Studio make products when order.

The production flow is as follows.

  • 1. Order receive > 2. Making product > 3. Product Inspection > 4. Ship product

We produce and ship products in the order of the above systems, and there are differences in the production period for each product.

 - Keycase, pencil case, diary, etc. About 6 to 7 days for small products

 - Clutch and bag etc.. 2 to 3 weeks for medium and large products

The procesing time may vary depending on the order and amount of work.


Please make an order with some time to spare.

For more information, contact BANDA Leather Studio (banda.leather.2016@gmail.com or +82-31-635-3062).


We use the post office K-packet service for delivery. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to deliver.

And sometimes I use DHL express service. DHL express shipping is used for areas where delivery is not possible due to post office delivery, and in this case the shipping fee is more than the basic shipping fee.

Usually, the delivery is completed within 4 days after the start of delivery.

Provides a tracking number for tracking.  

!! Please write down the exact address and contact number for the correct delivery.


DHL express shipping cost is $30.

Be sure to check if there is a customs tax in your country. If the cost occurs, the buyer will be charged. 



#Exchange, Refund and A/S

According to Article 17 of the Electronic Commerce Act in Korea, you can exchange or refund within 7 days of the delivery date. In addition, if the contents of the product are different from the advertisement or if the contract is implemented differently, the subscription can be withdrawn within three months from the date of delivery or within 30 days from the date of discovery. 


However, an exchange refund is not possible in the following cases:

 1. Where goods, etc. are lost or damaged due to reasons responsible to consumers.

 2. Where the value of goods, etc. has significantly decreased due to consumer use or some consumption.

 3. The value of goods, etc. has decreased significantly over time, making it difficult to resell.

 4. If there is no defect in the product, but you have individually imprinted it.

 5. If leather is naturally worn out or stretched after prolonged use.

 6. Simple change of mind, but if it is used by consumers.


For product repair (A/S), contact BANDA Leather Studio than, Please send it to us.

Contact - +82 31.635.3062 or banda.leather.2016@gmail.com

Address - 69 BANDA Leather Studio , 99th Street of Ceramic Art Road, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rebuplic of KOREA


A brass rivet

1.50 USD
Additional Price
Please choose an option.
Please choose an option.
A Type(head 10mm)
B Type(head 8mm)
Out of Stock
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